Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Short term memory

Looking trough my things the other day I came across a bunch of old cds. Data Cds.
I started viewing them all in my computer. Is funny how people always say….”life is to short”…luckily pictures exist to prove that phrase wrong. Why do people say that?? Maybe because before we die supposedly we see our whole life flashing in a matter of minutes? Or maybe some of us do so much that time seems to fly?

Life is not short….we just don’t have enough memory! So the only things that come to our mind in that final moment are the ones that shocked us the most.

How many people have we met along our way, people that touched our lives in one way or another, people that meant something to us in a given time but now we can’t remember their names or even worse…their faces? How many lives have we touched without realizing it?

I saw faces in that Cd that I thought I had erased forever and yet, when I saw then the story that took us back to that picture was fresh in my memory….at least for now(ask me again in a couple of years). I’m tragically curious to know what happened to some of the people I’ve met. Like for example the Asian guy (Andrew, I think) that unexpectedly gave me a Marvin the Martian at Six Flags Great America in 1998, the Russian girl that couldn’t speak English that same year (can she do it now); the girl that made out with my then boyfriend outside my apartment in New York while I was watching through the window; that guy that I met once from new Zealand that could hold himself totally horizontal in the air just holding a light pole, my classmate in Barcelona…one of the three friends I made there and now I cant remember her name….the only thing I can remember is her hair cut; Mariam, my Egyptian secretary, Luz Maria, my first friend….I met her in kindergarten and I was devastated when my parents move me to another school…I’ll never forget her name only because I had an aunt named the same.

To be honest if it wasn’t for Facebook, Tweeter or whatever new thing they come up with in the next ten minutes, where we find the unfindeble, we would lose big parts of our history.

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