Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rafelito y Altagracia

The first time I met Lia people warn me about her…they told me: “she’s a little complicated”.
Since then 9 years, one husband and 3 kids have passed. What they should’ve told me was the wonderful, relax, positive person she is. She is a truly good friend, a wonderful mother who would do anything for her kids and a loving wife who complements her husband to perfection. And on top of that she makes the best brownies in the world!!!!!

Rafael and Lia have a beautiful relationship and an even more beautiful family. Each and every one of their kid is special. They jump all over the place, but at the end on the day they are tender, smart, loving kids.

I have never been so at ease in a shoot!! It was natural!

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  1. They're indeed a beautiful FAMILY!!!! LOVE LOVE these pictures!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!